Nourish your soul in your very own secret garden. Live your happy ever after now. Love is on the way…

Hi, I am Katrina. I am here to be of service to you, and the divine feminine sisterhood. I am here to help you uncover you very own secret garden. A place of absolute sanctuary and rest. And after helping you find restoration and peace, discover your happy ever after now, and find love on the way.

Do you feel burnt out?

Are you exhausted with life and most of all yourself? Do you feel you have nothing more to give and have lost the answers to your own personal happiness?

Beautiful woman, I AM here for you.

I offer one-on-one coaching with like-minded women, who are ready to take loving action and invest in self-care, highest self-love, and self-discovery so they can create their best life today. You are filled with hope and faith that in making this investment in you, YOU WILL find love on the way– most importantly within!

Your all new way to have every business tool you’ll ever need right at your fingertips to grow your business or blog.

I will work hand in hand with you to set your goals, fix what’s not working, and make things happen! One session, lot’s of impact.

Discover the purpose and potential behind your business and brand; whether you are a new or an established business owner.


Testimonial“I’m obsessed! I actually JUST did a mini re-brand and with just a few small changes to the graphics and a new header -voila! – we have an entirely refreshed, revamped website!”
Jamie Jensen
Testimonial“I love how easy they are to install and adapt – I’m not the most techy person in the world, but I was able to do it all myself. The documentation is really simple to follow – which was amazing!”
Nadia Finer